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[size=11]This is NOT a band.
It's just a personal project started on Saturday, May 29th - 2004 at 5:13 P.M.

Based on dynamical music composition using some high tech tools, and old sounds and memories.

[list][*] A.Bit (production and record process)
This album isn't finished yet. It's full of 8-bit compositions, a very experimental stuff, surrounding from traditional rythms to high-abstract melodies made with all the impressive capacities of these sounds. All I want is to help in the rooting of this new musical tendency.

- [color=red]provisional cover[/color] -

01 - Despertares
02 - Carolina
03 - Lluvia violenta
... and more comming.

[*] v.1.0
Released on August 10th, 2004. It's a experimental/wierd electronic music mixed with a little bit of jungle and some triphop, it sounds interesting, eh?. The tracks of this album will NOT EVER be available for downloading, so stop thinking someday you could fine a couple songs round there, lol. Well, if you want to listen to this album you must BUY IT, don't be afraid, it's really cheap... just 2 U.S. Dollars or 5.000 BolÝvares. I have to say this is a very different material if you compare it with the A.Bit, but as good as A.Bit is (will be). If you do not want to buy this album, there is other way to get it... trading something for it, i'll hear proposals.

01 - Intro of life
02 - Estaci¾n A
03 - Yellow rabbit
04 - Arbol azul
05 - Cubos
06 - Sweet frustration
07 - TV news
08 - Estaci¾n B
09 - Damn Reggaet¾n (piece of shit)
10 - Instant Messenger Attack (thinking of you)
11 - Overjoyed
12 - Chupi-chupi derretido
13 - Estaci¾n C
14 - No tocar
15 - Midi
16 - Japanese smile
17 - Outro of death
18 - Zero emocional ([color=red]bonus track[/color])
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